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February 04, 2015 - February 06, 2015 | Cannes, France

Cannes, France 4th - 6th February 2015

Les Rencontres AMRAE

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November 27, 2014 | Vienna, Hotel De France

vrs Adjusters' European Meeting, November 2014

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September 04, 2014 | Asia | China
Insight-Jinhui Adjusters Co., Ltd.

Daniel Ong, the first Loss Adjuster in China to win 2 professional adjusters exam prizes

Daniel Ong, vrs Insight-Jinhui, is the first person in the country of China to win 2 exam prizes released by AICLA

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May 20, 2014 | Europe | Croatia
vrs SSP GmbH Sterkl, Schörkhuber & Partner

Serbia and Bosnia have been affecting by the worst flood of the last 120 years

At least 35 people have died in Serbia and Bosnia and tens of thousands have been forced to leave their homes during the worst torrential rain and consequent flooding over the last century.

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April 28, 2014 | Asia | Singapore
vrs Insight Asia Pte. Ltd.

For the first time an Unmanned Fire-fighting Machine (UFM) has been used to fight a major fire in Singapore.

vrs Insight has been appointed to deal with a major fire loss at a chemical waste treatment plant.

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April 05, 2014 | Global

1st April 2014 – a 8.2 magnitude earthquake hits Chile

A first 8.2 magnitude earthquake affected the coast of northern Chile in the evening of Tuesday 1st April 2014.

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April 01, 2014 | Global

vrs Operations Team

Following the retirement of Caroline Hewlett on 31.03.2014, all vrs operational tasks will be carried out by a carefully selected Operations Team.

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March 06, 2014 | Arab Loss Adjusters, Dubai UAE

The 4th vrs Adjusters’ Global Conference, entitled ''Global Loss Adjusting – The Road Ahead...", was held in Dubai from 5th to 7th March 2014.

4th vrs Global Conference

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March 05, 2014 - March 07, 2014 | Fairmont the Palm, Dubai, UAE

This 2-day conference is a biannual event. The meeting gives the Directors of the company and all vrs members the opportunity to learn about current insurance and loss adjusting trends, to listen to top-grade global insurance speakers and to improve their understanding of the loss adjusting business in other cultures.

vrs Adjusters' Global Conference

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January 02, 2014 | Global

Cyclone Bejisa hits La Reunion

On 2nd January 2014 cyclone Bejisa passed close to the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, leaving 15 people injured, power lines down and homes damaged.

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