Environmental Losses

As environmental issues become ever more complex, expert knowledge is imperative.
vrs Adjusters, LLC provides:

Advice within the Contaminated Land Regime for domestic and commercial clients

Emergency response to contamination incidents

Access to in-house geotechnical engineers, geologists and hydrologists

Internal advice services centred on Government Agency Policy Framework

Land, water and air contamination assessments and remedial programmes

Remedial programmes from design and planning to implementation and monitoring

Specialist advisors on regulatory framework and potential legal liability, detailed policy and quantum advice.


vrs Adjusters has a new partner in the UK and in Ireland: QuestGates Limited

vrs Adjusters announces today the admission of the new partner QuestGates Limited, a UK leading independent specialist loss adjuster.

QuestGates will represent vrs Adjusters in the UK and Ireland. The company operates from 14 offices across the UK and is headquartered in Birmingham.